Gold Coast Dub Club Inc.

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Club Overview

The Gold Coast Dub Club Inc was founded in late 1999 by a small group of friends who decided that it was about time that there was a club for VW enthusiasts on the Gold Coast. Many of these founding members had been travelling to Brisbane to partake in events held by one or more of the Brisbane clubs and found it difficult to attend due to the hour drive required before even arriving at the starting point! It was decided at the time that the club would be as casual and as open as possible, with the members welcome to have their say, organise their own events (for the club), and generally steer the club in whichever direction they felt they wanted it to go.

Not much has changed! In fact the only thing that has changed is the number of members. We have grown from a small club of only 8 members to a club with over 75 members. The operation of the club is still exactly the same as was intended when the club was set up. We have found that this system works well as many members are happy allow others to make the decisions and will attend almost anything, as long as it involves a VW!

We now hold an annual show, which attracts over 100 cars from all over South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales and regularly make it into the Television news broadcasts! We also make a point of attending any VW related show within a days driving distance of the Gold Coast.

As with all clubs, our members could be categorised into a number of levels of 'VW ownership'. Some just drive their cars, preferring to just enjoy their pride and joy, whilst on the other end of the scale there are those who enjoy restoring/working on/modifying their cars as much as they enjoy driving them. With this in mind, our club events aim to cater for all interests. With this said, to join our club there is actually no requirement for you to have a running VW (or even to own a VW) - just an enthusiasm for all things Volkswagen is enough!

Of course, if you are in the area, and would like to come along to one of our events to experience what our club has to offer, please feel free! The upcoming events can be found on our Club Calendar page or in our Newsletter (available via email on request). If you have any questions or comments we would love to hear from you. Please contact us by email or by calling one of the numbers on the Contact Us page.

Finally, we hope to see (or at least hear) from you soon.

Please drive carefully.

Site Overview

This site was designed to create a contact point for our 'web enabled' club members as well as to allow visitors and potential members to see what our club is about. Of course, just like any other good web site, the site will be changing constantly so please add this site to you list of favourite sites and come back often! If you have anything you would like to tell us about the site, please email the Webmaster (who is a club member and would love to hear from you regarding this site or anything VW!)